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Why are more and more agents moving to the Myrsol Platform every day? Take a moment if you please and read what some agents have to say.

Video Interviews / Testimonials

Marshall Walker Ventures Out
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Marshall Walker on how Myrsol helped him venture out on his own.

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Marshall Walker's Interview
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My one-on-one interview with Marshall Walker.

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Collage Of Interviews
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Take a moment to hear what our clients say about Myrsol. Get a better understanding as to how Myrsol can help your business.
Special wish to say goodbye to our friend Mr. Doug Procter. You will be missed but not forgotten!

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Written Testimonials

Cathy Hunnicutt, November 8, 2011


Mark and the staff at Myrsol are a pleasure to work with. Their commitment to service is exceptional!

Dick and Sandy Beals, September 27, 2011


Our site has been up and running for 7 months now, a change over from a large template site. We encourage visitors to register after a few clicks, and average 50 registrations per month. Our site has never been down, the Myrsol service has been great, consumers love the IDX that was created for our area, and best of all.... the site brings us business (closings) Dick Beals

John Crosby, September 26, 2011


Great service and great group to work with. Always a pleasure!!

Sheila Conkling, September 23, 2011


I was a point2agent customer for six years before making the switch over to Myrsol. I had a good website before and it did generate a lot of business for me, but I wanted even more and I got it with Myrsol. Being the researcher that I am, I looked into many different real estate website companies. After reviewing everything Myrsol had to offer, I was sold! I love that the IDX is integrated into their websites. Point2agent nor any other company I looked at offered this. This is great for search engines. I also loved how the listings were showcased with large photos and all the information provided for each property. Another big decision factor for me was the neighborhood feature. I love how you can showcase neighborhoods and that all listings for that neighborhood are featured. Another plus for me was buyers can search listings by price, neighborhood, mls #, area, map and school district. There are just so many features that other companies do not offer. The phenomenal customer service I have received from Myrsol has been unbelievable. Mark is awesome!!! He has always been very prompt in getting back with me when I have had a question or needed help. Not only is he prompt, he is an absolute delight to work with and everything he promised Myrsol would do, it does. He's a web programming genius! The first week of my website going live, I was on the first page of Google and other search engines. I study statistics for my site and am very, very impressed. According to all my information, my website is sticky (meaning people stay on there for a while), my web traffic has tripled, people registering and filling out forms has also tripled, and so has the phone calls. Another interesting fact, when looking at the keywords of what people typed into search engines to get to my site, I am getting traffic by people typing in addresses for listings with OTHER AGENTS names. Inex: 123 Any Street, Jane Doe. I love it!!! I also didn't realize how many people type in specific neighborhoods and my site is getting all that traffic! As you can tell, I am highly impressed and recommend Myrsol to any agent looking for a website to increase their web presence, and of course, buyer leads. I have had so many compliments on my site from buyers, sellers and other agents. I rate Myrsol a "10" in every area!

Angie Shoemaker, September 23, 2011


I have very happy with my service from the people at myrsol. also the web page they put together for me is first class and worth every penny. i feel it has helped me become the number 1 re/max agent in the state of south carolina. sincerely, Angie

Beth Ross, June 1, 2011


Myrsol is by far one of the best marketing tools I could have found! Mark Fitzgerald and his crew are top notch in everything they do and their customer service exceeds anyone around. I have been known to ask questions in the middle of the night and I get answers! I'm impressed!! The constant improving of the tools that are available, the training videos and the consistency with keeping their tools up to date, current and often times ahead of the competition, put them at the top of the list in my estimation. I highly recommend them for any website needs you may have. They are always open to suggestions and ideas and will work with you to help you achieve exactly what you are wanting your website to do! Don't hesitate to go to my website and see their handywork or call me direct for additional information on them. Good luck in your decision making process and you will be so glad you included them in to your marketing plan!!

Karen Faulkner, May 21, 2011


Now that I'm with Myrsol I'm getting leads almost daily. This company is easy to work with and much more involved with their clients than my last one!

Doug Procter, May 20, 20110


Where do I start? I met Mark Fitzgerald at a CCAR Luncheon over 1 1/2 years ago. At that time I had been dealing with multiple Real Estate website companies and was so disgusted I had promised myself to never have another website. After spending a few minutes with Mark, my thinking changed tremendously, his attitude and dedication to helping realtors such as myself changed completely. I set up a time for Mark to sit down and look at what he offered at my office. The more we talked the more sure this was what I needed to bring my business to a whole new level and contracted him to build me a new site. The minute he completed my new site I cancelled the ones I had immediately and began finding out what I had been missing. The new site was so very easy for me to work with that I was totally amazed and in a very short time began reaping the benefits of his professional dedication to helping me. Not one moment have I ever regreatted my move. They are constantly making imporvements and upgrades to the system at no additional cost. The customer service problem that I had experienced with all the others disappeared completely, Mark is always available and ready to help. If you want your business to explode, give Mark a call.

Michael Valdes, March 12, 2011


After lots of frustration and years of waiting for Point2 to make basic upgrades to their out of date real estate sites, I was talked into switching my Tampa real estate website over to Myrsol. At first I was skeptical, but after only 3 months since switching over, my monthly site visits are up over 400%! I am now a believer in the Myrsol platform!

Marshall Walker, December 21, 2010


Today I was having what I would call a bad day - I had what was a customer service hell from 3 different companies that are service providers to my small brokerage - frustrating to say the least - I bet not one of them calls me to ask why I don't renew my business in 2011 Mark happened to call me tonight to tell me about some of the new features being launched - Quite frankly his call made my day - It made me realize just how blessed I am to have a website provider that understands and "gets" the business - not just by providing a service that is 'head over heels" better than the competitors but by providing unparalleled customer service. They are always willing to listen to my hair-brained SEO ideas - they never ever pretend for an instant that their product is static - and by this I mean they are constantly re-investing in their hardware, programming and business developement - they are always one step ahead of the competition - They also do this at a price that is affordable! Mark and Chad are truly two of the top reasons I have increased my business 70% in 2010 over 2009! Happy Holidays guys and I hope 2011 brings you more of the success that you deserve!

Sharalyn Kluke, December 16, 2010


I was referred to Myrsol LLC by Gwen Fowler, another one of Myrsol's clients, who had nothing but good things to say about them. Within days, Mark and Todd had my website up and running. It looks good, it's useful, easy to read, easy to edit, etc. I love it! I have referred the services of Myrsol to other Realtors already. Mark and Todd have been quick to respond to any questions I have had. They follow up to make sure all is going well. I could tell immediately that they were guys that could be trusted with my business. Thank you and I wish you continued success as Myrsol LLC grows.

Chris Brand, December 12, 2010


I have had a website of some kind for my business for over 5 years and despite a great deal of work I was never really happy with any of them. The myrsol platform is by far the best I have ever had and is by far the least expensive. While I was hesitant to send more money on yet another site in the beginning I now realize what a great bargain these platforms really are. I would recommend the myrsol platform to anyone looking for a great search platform that their clients will love or for anyone who is serious about doing SEO work. No matter if your goal is small or big mrysol is a simply excellent value. To be honest I am not sure if you could obtain a site that was much better for any amount of money.

Roy Parker, December 9, 2010

PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL! I spent several months doing research on different website companies, called several agents who were using products from these companies for their input as I consider improving my on line presence. Finally I pick up the phone and call Myrsol and talk to Mark about their product and company...simply put I was immediately put at ease about the product and the process. I am a baby boomer, so I always feel a little "embarrassed" about my tech skills and vocabulary but I know I have found a partner that wants me to succeed at my online present! I'm writing this testimonial before my site has been launch, I'm writing this testimonial to the agents that might be considering spending money in the these hard times. I did the research and talk to agents who is using Myrsol sites, and I am convinced that I have made the right decision and I will finally have a strong presence and support in my online business.

Alan Donald, December 8, 2010


I have used Myrsol services for over two years and am very happy with their service. Everyone at Myrsol has been very responsive and attentive to all my calls and inquiries. Their service has been very professional, and they have always provided excellent customer service to me. Their IDX solution rocks!

Brian Knight, December 6, 2010


To potential clients! If, and that is a big if...If you are questioning whether to go with this service or not, you should take a few minutes and really consider a few things. Maybe you can find another choice that is not as expensive to start with...Maybe a bigger service provider can get you up and running a little faster?? Well Maybe, maybe they can. But if you REALLY want a Real Estate website that works the way you need it, if you REALLY want people to be able to FIND your website online, if you REALLY want the support of a truly dedicated group, if you REALLY want Home Buyer LEADS, if you REALLY want to grow as a company, if you REALLY want to find a service that can grow with you, if you REALLY want to get indexed and found online, if you REALLY want all of this....Then there should be NO question! I have used Myrsol as our hosting company for over two years now. Never have I looked back once. I am going to be using them for another site soon. Clients love the site, I have more pages indexed in Google than ALL of the other top Real Estate companies COMBINED in our area. I have more leads coming through the site than our main Broker's site, and even more than our current agents can handle. I even have other agent's clients using our website because they find us online. I cannot say enough great things about Mark and Chad at Myrsol. They are the greatest...And have ALWAYS gone above and beyond my expectations. Thanks for everything! Brian Knight Marketing Director GriffinProperties.net

Mike Steward, December 4, 2010


After spending a few months searching for the right web solution, our designer told me to take a look at Myrsol. I wish I had found them to begin with! They truly understand the needs of a real estate company that is looking to grow. Mark and Chad have always been VERY responsive and timely in communications. Myrsol has a product that works and has given me a competitive advantage. If your not in my market and on the fence about choosing Myrsol then feel free to contact me. Mark, Chad Suzanne...Thank you for helping us look good and generate leads! Mike Steward President/Broker Steward Real Estate www.StewardRE.com

Dena Calivas, December 3, 2010


The Myrsol Team - wow - another nonstop full filling year of offering so much for so little. Whenever I need something, it's always taken care of promptly. Now, for 2011, I need to get in full swing and use all the tools Myrsol has to offer more effectively. It's certainly beyond anything I've ever used!! I'm thrilled I was referred by Jodi Kirkwood who has never let me down either. Kudo's to the Myrsol team - AGAIN!

Rose Foggotte, December 3, 2010


Myrsol is a very different company then we have ever worked with. They continually strive to improve the service and features they offer their clients at the best value possible. Their sole focus is having their products and support to be second to none. In our opinion, they are succeeding.

Mike Best, December 3, 2010


I'm very happy with the Mysol hosting my website. My customers like my website and the ease of the property search features. I enthusiastically recommend Mysol to host your website.

Russ Fielden, December 3, 2010


Myrsol provides a great back end program for our real estate website so we have full control of our content, can make changes, add pages and create our own look.Their system is very search engine friendly. Our blog posts and many of the MLS listings usually show up under our site in a search the next day on Google. Support has been excellent and the staff is great to work with. A great package at a reasonable price. Russ Fielden / www.southerncoastrealty.com

Marshall Walker, November 29, 2010


Myrsol has always responded with lightning fast speed to any need I have had - their platform is so advanced it will keep me in the top of Google but it's easy enough for a beginner to use. Don't even think about it - call them today - you can even call me if you want 1st 843-225-7007 ex 2

Adrienne Francis, November 28, 2010


The folks at Myrsol are extremely responsive and the leads that I receive are far far greater than the P2A site I had before. Far greater. And what more can you ask for than leads? Adrienne Francis

Barbara Baker, November, 26 2010


Great Site. Great Service. Great Stuff. Clients love, love, love the speed

Johnny Crosby, November 26, 2010


Myrsol has been fantastic to deal with over the years, and they are always there to help when you need it....even the night before Thanksgiving while they are out to eat with their families!! I can't say enough about their group, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a hands-on host who will help their customers anytime they need it. Great service, and great product! Thanks.

Doug Procter, November 25, 2010

www.findyourmyrtlebeachhome.com | www.dougprocter.com

I was to a point of doing away with websites after dealing with 3 or 4. Totally disgusted with the ease of use, customer service and cost until I met Mark at a Board luncheon. For the life of me I don't know what made me stop but thank goodness I did. I did buy a new website from him and have never had one moment of regret. Mark and his company should be awarded each and every day for their superior customer service, friendliness and quality products. I would wholeheartedly recommend them for BBB's Integrity Awards. I give thanks each and every day for not just knowing Mark but for what he has done for my business.

Brian Hunt, November 24,2010


I was a little hesitant about getting an IDX site because I was afraid of it being too complicated and my family business not being able to manage a complicated IDX product. I've been with Myrsol for well over a year now and still as happy as I was the day I signed up. I especially like their payment procedure, price and the customer support has been outstanding. The results from my first year exceeded my goals. I've been licensed since 1998 have had my best year EVER.... and this is the "biggest economic recession since the Great Depression". If you choose anyone else you are wasting your time and money. Shop around if you want to, I did, but make sure you bookmark this site now...because you'll want to come back at some point. Just a note: I've never met any of the Myrsol, LLC staff prior to obtaining my IDX site and they aren't paying me, or giving me a kickback, to write this testimonial.

Angela Steiner, Sterling Real Estate Group, Inc. Denver, CO; March 3, 2010


I just have to say (again)....YOU ROCK!!  I cannot express how thrilled I am with my new web site!!!  In the past, I've gone months without even updating my web site...because I've never been proud of it.  They've all looked cheap and cheesy...plus they were hard (or slow) to update.  To have a site like yours with such an affordable price is absolutely wonderful!!  I will thoroughly enjoy updating, tweaking and changing it for years to come.

Thanks again!!


Hunter Reynolds, Carolina One Real Estate, Charleston SC; November 13 2009

I am a professional Real Estate Agent with the Charleston Pier Partners group of Carolina One Real Estate in Charleston, South Carolina. Having been involved with the website design for several other businesses, I understood the importance of finding the right company to manage the project. I spent several months looking at more than 20 different providers before deciding on Myrsol. I had initially decided on another firm, but after speaking with Mark Fitzgerald and hearing about their straightforward approach with a very simplified pricing plan, I knew Myrsol was the right choice.

During the design process, Mark and Chad were very accessible. Once I submitted the requested information, it took less than two weeks to launch my site. I was particularly impressed with how close they came to meeting my expectations with the very first rendition of the website. We made a few simple changes and my site was live within a day. What also impressed me is their willingness to assist me in learning the interface and making changes at no additional cost. While most developers typically charge an hourly rate once your site is live, Myrsol has been willing to help add elements to my site at no additional charge. In addition to their willingness to assist, they are also extremely responsive. There have been several occasions where I have emailed a question very late in the evening, and received a response within 5 minutes. This clearly shows their willingness and desire to help their customers succeed.

In addition to their outstanding service, pricing and responsiveness, they also deploy a top notch product. Their website designs and user interfaces are elegant, intuitive and very effective. Within a month after launching my site I was receiving numerous hits from organic searches on the major search engines as well as frequent new user registrations. Without a doubt I can say that I would unequivocally recommend Mark, Chad and Myrsol for your Real Estate website needs.

Hunter Reynolds
Charleston Pi er Partners
Carolina One Real Estate


Dena M. Calivas, Jacksonville FL; November 7, 2009

The Myrsol Team is awesome. They do what they say they are going to do and deliver on time.

How many times have you changed to a new website company that again over promises and under delivers? Others charge you a fortune and you have to be a real techie to figure it out!

Myrsol advertises "real estate solutions" - they deliver on that and more!!

Both Mark and Chad had excellent recommendations for changes to my site and it has already helped in SEO. Websites are always a work in progress, but this one will be much easier for me to navigate. You don't have to be a technical guru to get through building your site at Myrsol, it's very user friendly.

When I call or e-mail - I get a very quick response, even after regular business hours.

What they do offer is incredible solutions. Additionally, they actually listen to the Clients and continue to offer new and exciting modules at no extra charge!

All in one solutions and surprisingly affordable! I mean surprisingly!!

I'm so glad to call Myrsol home for hosting my site.

Thanks again guys - great job! I would happily recommend you any time!

Dena M. Calivas


Paul C. Berdiner, Lancaster PA; November 4, 2009

From the first telephone conversation I had with Mark Fitzgerald and Myrsol, I was impressed. It was explained to me why my old site was not producing leads and what Myrsol could do to change that. Though Ive only been with Myrsol for a month now, more leads have come through my site than I received in 2 years with my old web host. Mark guided me through the process of starting my new site as well as took the time to train me on the back end of the system. Mark is their any time I call. Its nice to have a real voice on the other end of the line.

Paul C. Berdiner
Re/Max Associates of Lancaster


Rose and Michael Foggotte; October 26, 2009

Chad Weaber and Mark Fitzgerald are two of the most innovative minds we have encountered in the area of real estate web site development. Even more unique, they combine the traits of being able to listen, create, support and genuinely care about the success of their clients. Feel good about doing business with them..you won’t be disappointed.

Rose and Michael Foggotte
Coastal Sands


NewConGroup, Johnny Crosby; October 23, 2009

Mrysol has been such a huge help for my business! Anytime I needed help they were right there to guide me through the issues that we were experiencing...issues from operator error on our part of course. Their service is excellent and they are excellent at leading you to the best decision for your site. I am a return customer and have two websites from Myrsol that are running perfectly and getting great reviews. Thanks guys!

Johnny Crosby
CEO, Newcongroup


Mickey Booz, San Diego, CA; October 23,2009

My wife and I are real estate agents in the San Diego MLS system and were recently amazed by Chad, Mark and the folks at Myrsol in creating an IDX solution for our system and our web sites. Myrsol had been recommended to us by our designer. As it turns out, Myrsol had not been in our market before and in order to utilize the IDX data on our sites everything had to be programmed from scratch. This took about a week and once complete our sites functioned flawlessly. I was amazed at the versatility that was created and the functions that we had that were far more elaborate than any other site I'd been on. We of course had a few questions about how to operate things and Myrsol took the time to instruct us on how to create searches that would enhance the marketability and attract viewers to our sites. We refer now to Myrsol as the Wizards of the Real Estate Web Site World. We continue to be amazed by their knowledge, expertise and desire to serve their customers. We're big customer service fans and truly Myrsol is one of us. Thanks for your help and we look forward to a wonderful relationship!

Mickey Booz & Linda Moore
Coldwell Banker, Encinitas


Alan Donald, Charleston SC; October 23,2009

About a year ago, I wrote in my 2009 Business Plan that one of my strategies for this year was to develop my online presence, with the goal of generating 20% of my leads from the Internet by year-end. To that effect, I needed to replace the free template offered by our company with a website that had more personality, was easier to update and had a very good IDX solution. I almost hired a website designer I knew, but a colleague of mine recommended I contact Myrsol, because they had extensive experience designing real estate websites. After looking at my colleague’s website and Myrsol’s IDX solution I had no doubt that they knew what they were doing, so I hired them to develop a template-based website for my business.

Five months into the project I am still developing content, and getting 1,500-2,000 hits a month, plus regular buyer registrations on my IDX search database.  Many of my existing clients and out-of-town Realtor's have given me positive feedback on my website.

Other website providers that I have worked with in the past were great at the beginning, but once the project was up and running it was virtually impossible to get help from them. What I like about Myrsol is their customer service: Every time I need assistance I know that I can call Mark or Chad and they will either pick up the phone and answer my question or return my call within an hour! No question is silly for them, and they genuinely want to help. For me, this is the No. 1 factor to compare suppliers. I am very happy with their service and know that they are always trying to improve their solution. I would recommend their solutions for any Realtor who needs to take his/her online business to the next level.

Alan Donald
Keller Williams Realty, Charleston - Mt Pleasant, SC


Bamboosand, Tampa Florida Real Estate; June 1,2009

Myrsol stands head and shoulders above the rest!

My wife and I are a professional real estate team on the Gulf Coast of Florida and have had the pleasure of doing business with Myrsol. Mark and Chad have exceeded our expectations-they have under promised and over delivered. In this ever-changing market it is good to know that we have a business partner that truly has our best interests in mind, and not one of a self serving nature.

We have employed top of the line lead generation systems in the past that have promised conversion rates above 10%, utilized canned websites that are template driven, but with Myrsol's in-depth and extensive platform our customers are now thanking us for the resource we provide them with. Without the Myrsol solution we would not be able to serve our customers in this manner.

I would like to speak of Mark and Chad's customer service. Our other providers said they would be there when we need them-'not so fast'! Chad and Mark have been extremely attentive to our needs and have demanded perfection from our site. We are glad we have dropped the thousands of dollars a month elephant old provider to be with a company that offers so many unique features.

For a high quality, user-friendly website, with tremendous customer service Myrsol is our choice!

Best Regards,
Tom and Kari


Hunt & Associates, LLC. Testimonial

As I scoured through the internet looking for an IDX Solution and happened to run across Myrsol's site. Myrsol has totally changed my outlook of marketing online. I never thought I'd get such great personal service from an online business or get immediate response during non business hours. Being a small business owner in a competitive market, I have finally found my "ace of spades" to equal the playing field with the real estate giants in my area.

I have dropped my hosting company that I have been with for over 5 years to move with Myrsol. They provide everything I've ever needed and simplified my time so that I can focus on my family and business...and not on complicated websites. I know other agents that have spent 15-20 times more money on websites and get the same or less service that I do.

I'm very satisfied.


Brian Hunt
Columbia SC
Real Estate Broker
Hunt & Associates
Real Estate Sales and Development


The Hoffman Group - 12-04-08

December 4th, 2008

The Hoffman Group is pleased to attest to the exceptional caliber of work performed for us by Chad Weaber in creating, building and implementing our www.digmyrtlebeach.com website. From beginning to end, all activities were conducted with professionalism and expertise.

To review the highlights, the most important element of digmyrtlebeach.com is Chad’s behind-the-scenes programming that “scrubs” the internet feed from the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  Without this critical step it would be impossible to obtain the complete and “pure” search returns that digmyrtlebeach.com excels in. For example, realtors typically use various abbreviations when they input a listing: some type N. Myrtle Beach, some NMB, some North Myrtle Beach, some even misspell words. Chad’s programming takes all variables into consideration and feeds all into the search return.

As to the on-screen visible components of digmyrtlebeach.com, several elements distinguish the site from most other real estate websites.

First is the prominence of the search property feature. The Hoffman Group made the corporate decision to highlight the search capability because, ultimately, the reason people come to a real estate site is to find a property that fills their needs.  There is a home page “Quick Search” with basic criteria as well as a home-page-navigation “Property Search” with detailed fields that refine the search. There’s even the capability to search by MLS number – a plus both for people who have listed their property and for searchers who may have seen the listing in another format and want more details.

Second is the customized design of the search return listing forms. From the overview to the detail, information is presented in clean, easy-to-read formats. The large main picture is accompanied by thumbnails of the other available pictures and all are large enough to see without enlargement. Agent “Remarks” are included giving internet searchers key information that usually is available only to MLS members.  The property is also mapped so searchers will understand the neighborhood location.

Third, is the unusual "Create Profile" option.  The Hoffman Group decided this user-friendly feature would be a critical asset to searchers and again decided to give it prominence. A profile allows them to save their specific search criteria which the system then compares against new listings as they come online. The profile user is then notified by email when a new property meeting their needs is listed. They can call their realtor about it immediately instead of waiting for their realtor to find the listing and call them!

One final and critical component of the work was Chad’s designing the site so that corporate staff can easily add, delete or change content. This flexibility is crucial to The Hoffman Group being able to maintain the site without additional costs.

A major advantage to this work for The Hoffman Group was that we were able to transfer the feed, forms and back-end administration technology to upgrade our existing oceaninvestments.com and mbcondosales.com websites.  We are pleased to recommend Chad and his work.


Stephen Edelman
Chief Operating Officer
The Hoffman Group

Hot Features!

Our turn-key real estate solution includes all the bells and whistles you would expect including the Myrsol CMS + Lead Management, Referral Tracking, Property Mapping, Powerful Searching, and so much more.

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