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Myrsol Real Estate Solutions

Myrsol is founded on the principles of being fair to our clients, keeping overhead low and having fun doing what we love. We are committed to delivering high impact real estate websites priced in a way that is not only competitive, but more affordable than all our competitors.

To put it more simply: an amazing product at a low, low price. Our business model is to take advantage of rapid development programming frameworks to give you the best product at the greatest value on the market. This development strategy allows us to deliver updates and new features faster than any competing Real Estate IDX Website provider on the internet.


We're a team of people with solid experience in building high-end, high traffic Real Estate Website Solutions that deliver huge returns on your investment. We understand all aspects of Real Estate – not just the digital version - and it is this in-depth knowledge that has allowed us to cater our product to the needs of every REALTOR®.

Chad Weaber

Project Leader / Programming

Chad has been developing and designing real estate websites exclusively for the past 9 years. He is the self-proclaimed "glue" that keeps this project ticking (he isn’t very good with metaphors) - that is of course until something goes wrong. Then he is more than happy to admit that Mark Fitzgerald is the brains of the operation.

Every few hours we start hearing him mumble things like “MVC”, “CakePHP” and “SEO.” We aren’t really sure, but we think he may be attempting to communicate with some extraterrestrial beings. Actually, when it comes down to it, it’s getting a little scary. Seriously. (Help.)

Todd Chatham

Customer Service / Site Maintenance

Todd has been a core member of the Myrsol team since the beginning. He not only handles customer service tickets, but he also works closely with clients on any site maintenance they may need.

Mark Fitzgerald

Executive Director / Javascript Ninja

Programming has been a major part of Mark's life since the advent of electricity. In case you happened to fail math or history, this makes him.. really, really old. He started his career programming in the video game industry working with world-renowned companies such as Microsoft, Random Games and Hasbro. He keeps mentioning this game called "Slingo"... we're not sure what that means yet.

The whole world wide web was just starting to take off back then, which sparked his interest in programming websites. It's a shame we don't have a picture of his first ever website, but legend tells it was filled with animated gifs and a grotesque overuse of the Comic Sans font.

Eventually, he was hired as a lead developer to develop Real Estate Websites. The whole web thing was still new to him, but he worked hard, put in long hours and learned many different server-side and client-side languages. During his time there, he became good friends with a fellow co-worker that would forever change his destiny. That co-worker was no ordinary man. He was none other than Chad Weaber, Jedi Knight. They worked well together and had a vision of how Real Estate Websites should work.

Mark would eventually leave his cozy lead developer position and his cozy high paying salary to accept an offer from Chad. It consisted of a huge cut in pay, longer hours and no benefits. But, a promise to let him play his Drums in Guitar Hero World Tour sealed the deal. We're still working on his rhythm.

Additional Kudos

Drew Doss
Testing / Help Writer

Thanks go out to Drew for his time helping us test the product. If you find a bug, or if something don't work - Drew is to blame.

Jason Mullins
Logo Design

Jason developed a bunch of logos for us to choose from. We picked the worst one out of the 10 or so he created and ended up paying him in old Jerky Boy cd's.

Chris Head
Systems Consulting

Chris is to Systems Management/Problem Solving as Peter Venkman is to Ghostbusting. "Who ya gonna call?" when your Linux systems are acting all crazy and stuff. Chris has been there for us everytime we've needed advice.