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Why are more and more agents moving to the Myrsol Platform every day?

Always know when something needs attention you can count on the Myrsol Team with confidence. Thanks very much!

Rose Foggotte

Awesome as always!

Andrew Dougill

They have done it again!! Unparalleled service!! Last week I needed technical assistance in creating a new link on my website. I notified Todd that I needed help, and the job was professionally handled by him in a very short period of time!! Yeah MYRSOL!! BTW - Mark is also great!! Ed Thomasson, in Atlanta.

Ed Thomasson

Myrsol ROCKS! I started my first web site in January 2003, Myrsol has been the most responsive and helpful company of any that I have used. I called with an issue I was having once, I did not leave a message, and Todd called me back to see if he could help me with anything. This is absolutely a first. Mark has always answered or returned my calls, answering and explaining in detail all of my questions to my satisfaction. Myrsol is constantly upgrading and adding new features, so I do not have to worry about them not keeping up with technology. Thank you Mark & Todd!!

Barbara Reeves

Myrsol not only has the absolute BEST customer service in the industry, they proactively reach out to assist with anything they think may be an issue. Combined with the best, fastest, most user friendly property search AND the ability for Companies, or other third parties, to access style sheets & some of the html, Myrsol is not only the best choice for real estate websites but the ONLY choice! Icing on the cake? The price tag fits any budget. Myrsol is the BOMB!

I can not say enough good things about the team at Myrsol. All the other companies have a "no" attitude - ask a question if something can be done and the answer is "no". Myrsol always starts from the position of "Yes- lets see how we can do it". I have not asked anything of them yet that they have not been able to do. Their first priority is to provide the best platform and service to Realtors/Brokerages, always looking to them to help improve its functions for us!

Agent Owned Realty

Mark and his team are the best! Always a step ahead of my questions.

Jim Bobo

I have been supported by MYRSOL for several years now, and I find that my greatest return on investment with my website is definitely by investing in MYRSOL as my service provider. The myrsol team is the Very Best at getting the job done!! I would recommend them to all!!

Ed Thomasson

I have worked with Myrsol for years and have never had a complaint. Their designs are constantly being updated, their support department is responsive and fast, and their sites are easy to use no matter what your skill level may be. I recommend the Myrsol platform to any agent looking to increase their business and have a larger presence online.

Lindsay Faircloth

The best ever! I think Myrsol is the original subject for the saying "Your wish is my command!" They do everything in their power to remedy any issue you may have and they respond literally 24/7. Don't know how they do it.

Myrsol has, by far, the best customer service of any tech company with which I have worked. You are not a number to them, but form real friendships. They genuinely care that you are getting what you need or want, They are so fast to answer any question, it is remarkable. Plus, their website platform is the best and getting better everyday. If you want to put yourself in good hands, employ Myrsol.

Ms. Valero

Thanks Mark & Todd. My site looks great - much more professional in appearance than the other real estate templates I've used. Fast loading, responsive and user-friendly property search functions with lead capture IDX - looks like I spent thousands!

Jim Bobo

The team at Myrsol have always been quick to help with any matter whether I had a question or wanted a change. Myrsol provides very informative tutorials for those who wish to solve the problems on their own but, will also walk you through it on the phone as well and I truly appreciate ALL they do to keep my site tip top. Also if you are not computer savy and want some work done they will do it for you at a reasonable price... I highly recommend Myrsol if you are looking to build a site and be back by GREAT customer service! Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh

The support was quick and results were excellent - and this was on a Sunday. Thanks for the superb work.

Michael Dolezal

The very best customer service, period.

Liza Valero

The Myrsol team has been an incredible foundation to help and support the vision of my website become a reality. Extremely prompt to any questions i had, very professional and affordable from start to finish. I would strongly recommend this team for anyone in the real estate business looking to take their career to the next level with their own website !!!

Doug Gungor

Todd has always provided precise, expedient service, and yesterday's performance by Todd was no exception - EXCEPTIONAL!!!

Ed Thomasson

The service was great! I am just getting started with the product. My website is already up and running in a short time. Thank you.

David Shippey

You can always count on Mark & Todd for expert attention and dedication to their clients. We are very happy to be in their care.

Rose Foggotte

The folks at Myrsol are always extremely responsive. I get quick answers to my questions and quick fixes to any issue I might be having. ALWAYS. I would love an automated email alert system for buyer's - that does not require an RSS feed. Thank you!

Adrienne Francis

While in the process of setting up my new site, there are the inevitable snags and issues that are encountered when using a new service. The Myrsol support team are always quick to respond to assist with questions or to continue to move any support issues forward. This responsiveness has proven to me that I made the right decision to go with Myrsol. Looking forward to a long and successful relationship with them.

Greg Lennon
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