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Are you ready to take your website live? If so, please fill out the form below, and we'll move your development URL to our live servers. Please do not make any changes to your site after you have submitted this form, as they will get lost.

If you are not ready to go live, but wish to gain access to your site, please fill out the approve and access form instead.

The process: This normally takes a few hours, but could take a few business days, depending on how quickly we can move your site and how quickly the DNS changes are made.

  1. Shortly after you submit this form, we will move your site to our live servers and your development URL ( will stop working. Please do not make any changes to your site after you have submitted this form, as they will get lost.
  2. After we move your site, your DNS needs to be changed. For new customers, we do not host your DNS. If your domain's DNS is hosted by your registrar (GoDaddy, Enom, Dotster, Network Solutions, etc.), your DNS IP Address (A records) need to be pointed to our server's IP address. If your domain's DNS is currently not hosted by your registrar, but is hosted by your current web hosting company, your DNS will need to be created and hosted by your registrar or a third party. We will contact you with instructions when and how to do this (don't make any changes until we tell you).
  3. Soon after your DNS is changed, your live site will be accessible at You will most likely have to clear the DNS cache on your computer and your web browser to see your new site. Here is an excellent article on clearing the DNS cache on computers and web browsers. Rebooting your computer will also accomplish this.
  4. Your admin URL will become

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If you want to host email on your domain, we recommend G Suite by Google (formerly Google Apps).

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