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My wife and I are real estate agents in the San Diego MLS system and were recently amazed by Chad, Mark and the folks at Myrsol in creating an IDX solution for our system and our web sites. Myrsol had been recommended to us by our designer. As it turns out, Myrsol had not been in our market before and in order to utilize the IDX data on our sites everything had to be programmed from scratch. This took about a week and once complete our sites functioned flawlessly. I was amazed at the versatility that was created and the functions that we had that were far more elaborate than any other site I'd been on. We of course had a few questions about how to operate things and Myrsol took the time to instruct us on how to create searches that would enhance the marketability and attract viewers to our sites. We refer now to Myrsol as the Wizards of the Real Estate Web Site World. We continue to be amazed by their knowledge, expertise and desire to serve their customers. We're big customer service fans and truly Myrsol is one of us. Thanks for your help and we look forward to a wonderful relationship!

Mickey Booz & Linda Moore
Coldwell Banker, Encinitas