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Myrsol Testimonial - Hunt & Associates, LLC.

As I scoured through the internet looking for an IDX Solution and happened to run across Myrsol's site. Myrsol has totally changed my outlook of marketing online. I never thought I'd get such great personal service from an online business or get immediate response during non business hours. Being a small business owner in a competitive market, I have finally found my "ace of spades" to equal the playing field with the real estate giants in my area.

I have dropped my hosting company that I have been with for over 5 years to move with Myrsol. They provide everything I've ever needed and simplified my time so that I can focus on my family and business...and not on complicated websites. I know other agents that have spent 15-20 times more money on websites and get the same or less service that I do.

I'm very satisfied.


Brian Hunt
Columbia SC
Real Estate Broker
Hunt & Associates
Real Estate Sales and Development

Hot Features!

Our turn-key real estate solution includes all the bells and whistles you would expect including the Myrsol CMS + Lead Management, Referral Tracking, Property Mapping, Powerful Searching, and so much more.

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