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To potential clients! If, and that is a big if...If you are questioning whether to go with this service or not, you should take a few minutes and really consider a few things. Maybe you can find another choice that is not as expensive to start with...Maybe a bigger service provider can get you up and running a little faster?? Well Maybe, maybe they can. But if you REALLY want a Real Estate website that works the way you need it, if you REALLY want people to be able to FIND your website online, if you REALLY want the support of a truly dedicated group, if you REALLY want Home Buyer LEADS, if you REALLY want to grow as a company, if you REALLY want to find a service that can grow with you, if you REALLY want to get indexed and found online, if you REALLY want all of this....Then there should be NO question! I have used Myrsol as our hosting company for over two years now. Never have I looked back once. I am going to be using them for another site soon. Clients love the site, I have more pages indexed in Google than ALL of the other top Real Estate companies COMBINED in our area. I have more leads coming through the site than our main Broker's site, and even more than our current agents can handle. I even have other agent's clients using our website because they find us online. I cannot say enough great things about Mark and Chad at Myrsol. They are the greatest...And have ALWAYS gone above and beyond my expectations. Thanks for everything! Brian Knight Marketing Director