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Myrsol Testimonial - Brian Knight, December 6, 2010


To potential clients! If, and that is a big if...If you are questioning whether to go with this service or not, you should take a few minutes and really consider a few things. Maybe you can find another choice that is not as expensive to start with...Maybe a bigger service provider can get you up and running a little faster?? Well Maybe, maybe they can. But if you REALLY want a Real Estate website that works the way you need it, if you REALLY want people to be able to FIND your website online, if you REALLY want the support of a truly dedicated group, if you REALLY want Home Buyer LEADS, if you REALLY want to grow as a company, if you REALLY want to find a service that can grow with you, if you REALLY want to get indexed and found online, if you REALLY want all of this....Then there should be NO question! I have used Myrsol as our hosting company for over two years now. Never have I looked back once. I am going to be using them for another site soon. Clients love the site, I have more pages indexed in Google than ALL of the other top Real Estate companies COMBINED in our area. I have more leads coming through the site than our main Broker's site, and even more than our current agents can handle. I even have other agent's clients using our website because they find us online. I cannot say enough great things about Mark and Chad at Myrsol. They are the greatest...And have ALWAYS gone above and beyond my expectations. Thanks for everything! Brian Knight Marketing Director GriffinProperties.net

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Our turn-key real estate solution includes all the bells and whistles you would expect including the Myrsol CMS + Lead Management, Referral Tracking, Property Mapping, Powerful Searching, and so much more.

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