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I was a little hesitant about getting an IDX site because I was afraid of it being too complicated and my family business not being able to manage a complicated IDX product. I've been with Myrsol for well over a year now and still as happy as I was the day I signed up. I especially like their payment procedure, price and the customer support has been outstanding. The results from my first year exceeded my goals. I've been licensed since 1998 have had my best year EVER.... and this is the "biggest economic recession since the Great Depression". If you choose anyone else you are wasting your time and money. Shop around if you want to, I did, but make sure you bookmark this site now...because you'll want to come back at some point. Just a note: I've never met any of the Myrsol, LLC staff prior to obtaining my IDX site and they aren't paying me, or giving me a kickback, to write this testimonial.