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Property Google Friendly URLs are very helpful when it comes to SEO. By Having property Google Friendly URLs you will have a much better chance of being found for long tail SEO aka when clients search Google, Bing and such by address. Only placeholders found in format 1 and format 2 can be used for custom. MLSID must always be at the end. Please note that the mls number will exist at the end of every URL in order to maintain a unique page URL.

Example without Google friendly URLs:  Notice that just the MLS number is at the end.

Example with Google friendly URLs:

Cost: Make sure to read the "Cost" section and if you are not clear, please contact sales for more information.

Contact Information
Website Address and Desired Format
If your site is still under development, list its URL. If your site is live, list your live URL.
Example: or
(once setup, there is an additional charge to modify it again)
(subdivision and MLS# can't be used as a field).