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Is your product available in my area?

Posted By Mark Fitzgerald @ 8:52am In: Development

As long as your association of realtors has some form of IDX, RETS or HTML feed yes we can and there is no extra cost to you for us to setup a new area. Just about every association of realtors has their own feed along with their own set of rules. Myrsol was built with this in mind and we are able to setup most feeds within a few days. Let’s review the process to get a data feed setup and working.

If you have had a website before I am sure the acronym RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard) is something you are familiar with. The keyword here is standard and though it sounds nice this standard is far from a standard when it comes to venders. Each and every Association has the right to select how they are going to implement this so called standard and because of this not every RETS feed is the same and therefore we lose the quick standard one was hoping for when it came to ease of data feed setup. That being said lets quickly go over the process for getting a site up and running with a new area.

Each and every association has a method for setting up a data feed. The standard process is usually for the agent who will represent the vender (Myrsol) and request a data feed for said vender. The Association will usually have an agreement that the agent will have to fill out and sign and have their BIC sign as well if they are not the BIC (Broker In Charge) in question. The vender or consultant as we are sometimes called will have to fill out and sign the agreement as well. Once this is done it is sent to the association and processed. This can take a day or two usually. Do note that in some cases there is a fee to the agent but this depends on your association. After the fee, if applicable, Myrsol will then be sent an email with access information as well as the rules of that association. From here the ball is in our court and we will work very quick and diligently to get the feed up and running in a timely manner. Most standard RETS feeds we can have up within a few days.

During this process we will also be working on your site design whether it is a quick start or a custom site. By doing these two parts in parallel we can have you up and running in a short period of time. Once your site is complete we will submit it for review by your association and correct any issues that might come up as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions about this process or about what areas we are currently in please feel free to contact us. We are always looking to branch off into new areas and do offer good incentives to the first agent who purchases our product in a new area we are currently not in.

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